Welcome Back Girls! We've Missed You.

Bless you Lena Dunham for your writing, your wit, and your willingness to put it out there all over again for Season 2.

The show has turned into more of an event of "let me check off how many things I (or one of my friends) has done from the episode" vs. a "hey let's watch this great show on TV!". (NO I haven't made out with a gay guy...that I know of at least...but wait I totally know someone who has.)

Shoshanna is my absolute starting favorite so far this season (Her karaoke. Her pretend DJing. Everything.). I want to yell at Marnie to eat a hamburger. Hannah needs to stop changing bed pans for her ex boyfriend and Jessa - please do not divorce or do anything mean to Thomas John (Chris O'Dowd) because I LOVE HIM.

Welcome back Girls. We love you. AND APPARENTLY SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE.

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