"You need to eat your own cooking"

A great quote by Sam Ford, director of consumer insights with Peppercom. I read this article from PR Week covering how Peppercom is trying a different approach (or maybe just a publicized one) around internalizing what is needed from a Web 2.0 perspective within a corporation. The company developed a set of questions to "help clients measure Web 2.0 gaps within their organization."

Their first test subject? Themselves. By doing this they were able to make any mistakes on their own company before rolling it out to the masses.

Excellent job.

In order to take steps forward, you need to take a step back and figure out what is needed internally. Practice what you preach. Or as Ford says, "eat your own cooking." So many times companies come out with these great ideas for their clients without first trying it out on themselves. Then when the client asks for examples of how this has worked, they're speechless. Why not take the easy way out and develop a proof point using yourself?

Key points from the article with my commentary in bold are as follows:

* As digital tools and strategies increasingly become parts of campaigns, staying ahead is more difficult -Something new comes out EVERY DAY. A new blog platform. A new social network. Don't get overwhelmed, take a step back and figure out which one is appropriate. It will all fall in to place if you take the time and make one right decision, rather than three wrong ones and an OK outcome.

* In order to better advise clients about the use of technology and social media, many firms are turning their attention inward Practice what your preach. You are what you eat. Try it out and give your clients a first hand account of what happened. What worked? What didn't? Have a conversation and develop a dialogue to figure out what will work best for the client.

* Trying new digital service offerings internally can improve a firms tech know-how and savvy, and optimize its offerings Let's face it. If you're not digital, or aiming towards digital you can pretty much pack up your bags. It's 2008. Get with the program and build a digital presence. It's where your customers are!

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