The End Is Near

Let's recap what has happened today---and it's not even 1pm. Just saying that I think this is the sign of the apocalypse. Also, let's start hoarding all of the wine please. Thanks.

Uber delivered kittens.

50 Ducks invaded a CVS. They used a SWIFFER to get them out.



The Jonas Brothers are breaking up. R.I.P.



Everyone Else:

What Makes You Make People Happy?

My friend is doing some research and asked me some questions. It's about making people happy. So I thought I would share. You should answer the same questions in the comments. Because I'm curious.

1. If you knew your friend was having a bad day, what are a few things you would do to brighten up his/her day? (Feel free to cite a specific example of a time you did this or keep it hypothetical) 

  • This image: 
  • Anything from Someecards that involves wine. I'd also take them get wine. 
  • A link to the latest news story on Amanda Bynes - "hey at least your life isn't this bad!" 
  • Pictures of us from a few years ago - always makes friends smile to see us like 5 years ago, younger, probs fatter then we are now 
  • Anything from Us Weekly, Daily Mail - celebs are cray cray
  • A selfie

2. What are 5 links and/or images you would send to a friend to brighten up their day? 

I only gave her 4. 

3. What are your handles (if you've got them) for: Twitter, Instagram Pinterest? 
@kmaverick Twitter
@kmaverick Instagram - because some bitch took kmaverick

And bonus: I'd send them this song, because it is AWESOME.

Passion - Cee-Lo - "No One's Gonna Love You"

I always love this song when I hear it, but forget that the video is 20x better. The emotion is just amazing across the actors and you just totally get pulled in to the entire thing. Love. Hate. Anger. All there.

Beautiful. Bastille.

THIS. THIS. THIS. Bastille.

 Or do you not think so far ahead (ahead)?
'Cause I've been thinkin' 'bout forever (Oooh, oooh)

Minute 2 gets me every time.

on traveling by yourself

I think everyone needs to travel alone at least once in their life. It doesn't need to be to a foreign land, or for weeks at a time, but it's an experience I think everyone should have.

Traveling alone is different. You deal with yourself a lot more. You eat by yourself. (Try to not bring your phone with you to the table---it's a challenge) You eat the entire bread yourself. (or maybe that's just me) You learn to appreciate everything around you. Sounds of the beach. Sounds coming from the elderly client next to you discussing how mundane they've become (maybe that's just me again.)

I went to Fort Lauderdale this weekend for a quick day trip (like 24 hours actually) after a client meeting in Miami. Checked into the hotel, checked into dinner at 3030 Restaurant (my favorite) and ordered enough wine to celebrate a quick day at the beach and to celebrate the ending to a good work week.

Justin Timberlake : Mirrors on SNL

I'm dying with this. Pure dying. Even the backup singers can't help but get lost in the music. SO GOOD.

A first timer at Bikram Yoga

I'm not into yoga. I'm really bad at it. I'm not that flexible and for some reason I just can't hit poses for that long or bend sideways with my leg behind my head. (Sounds easy right?) But yet - despite knowing all of this, I decided to take Bikram Yoga this morning on my President's Day off.

I'm not a 100% newbie to yoga. I took a class a few months back at Area Yoga in Brooklyn. More of the Vinyasa style. Moving, but not sweating. Relaxing and yet I got a workout. I liked it but it wasn't a "workout" to me...compared to what I normally do for fitness: 2-3 high intensity SoulCycle classes every week, and runs around Central Park when it's warmer out.

But that said, I knew I needed to do something different. Everyone says you need to switch up your body workouts, change it up a bit so it hits different muscles. So I did.

Bikram is interesting. There's definitely a smell. There's a vibe. There are sounds people make that you don't understand and there is a lot of skin showing. But it's good. You SWEAT. My friend Matt told me I'd probably look down and have a pool of sweat underneath me. He was correct. You hit 26 posts. (Found them here on Pinterest naturally.)

I probably hit 3 out of the 26 poses properly, but I am told that's OK. I felt relaxed at the end and had a clear head. They are very good to newbies and are helpful and understanding. I mean, not everyone can hit those poses right away. I also understand why they tell you not to drink alcohol before. Going in there with a hangover would be absolutely brutal.

If you're interested in going check out Bikram Yoga NYC. They offer a newbie deal for the first week - $27 = 7 days unlimited. One class is $25 so it's pretty much a deal even if you go twice.

Run to this: Bastille Pompeii

I have moments in Soul Cycle classes when I close my eyes and just get lost in the music. (It happened this weekend and I missed a couple of intervals but I didn't even care) I constantly keep an ear out for good songs that will improve my mood, whether at work or on the dreaded treadmill as the temperature continues to never be appealing for a run at 7am...sorry 3 degree weather.

Bastille, one of my latest favorites has that song. It's been on repeat since Friday. Pompeii. It's not out until March officially on their new album but the early releases have me playing this on repeat. Plus the new video is just awesome.


Listen to This: St. Lucia

I never go early to shows because I don't like waiting around to see the opening acts. That, and I'm also probably running late from pre-show dinner with my friends who decided that "ONE MORE GLASS" was a good idea so we're running in late.

Last night my sister and I saw Ellie Goulding at Terminal 5, but showed up early to see their opener St. Lucia. SO GLAD WE DID. This guy is good. The music is just clear and catchy and I immediately whispered (well, yelled amongst the loud folks surrounding me to my sister nearby) - I NEED THIS.

Top song I'm digging from them here:

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